Salomon Escape 5 G2 Synchro Nowax Ski

Salomon Escape 5 G2 Synchro Nowax Ski

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Product Description


A ski for the groomed trail skier.  Mainly for packed tracks, groomed trails or snowmobile trails but suitable for the occasional off-track jaunt. Traditional length in-track classic skis that provides a high level of maneuverability.  Densolite 1000 core, Digital Dynamic Flex Control and Performance Universal Grinding.  G2 Synchro Grip & Glide No-Wax base, sharper grip edges.    Width: 51/48/46/49 mm. Weight: 1320g/190 cm.  Ski Sizes cm/Skier weight lbs: 174/88-115,   182/110-135,   190/132-155,   198/154-192,   206/176-209+       

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