Salomon Escape 6 Grip Ski

Salomon Escape 6 Grip Ski

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Salomon Escape 6 Grip Ski

A ski for the groomed trail skier.  Mainly for packed tracks, groomed trails or snowmobile trails but suitable for the occasional off-track jaunt. Traditional length in-track classic skis that provides a high level of maneuverability.  Densolite 2000 core, Digital Dynamic Flex Control and Performance Universal Grinding.  G2 Synchro Grip & Glide No-Wax base, sharper grip edges.    Width: 51/48/46/49 mm. Weight: 1320g/190 cm.  Ski Sizes cm/Skier weight lbs: 174/88-115,   182/110-135,   190/132-155,   198/154-192,   206/176-209+      


CORE  Densolite 2000  Light, consistent and torsion stiff core made with bi-directional fiberglass wrap and pre-shaped Densolite foam.
GRIP TECHNOLOGY  G2 Synchro  No wax pattern with dual gripzone that provides a smooth transition for consistent kick and very good glide.
SKI CONSTRUCTION  Heel-Toe Camber  Highly efficient classic camber that provides easy kick and compression when pressing with the forefoot, but remains lifted when pressing with the mid or rear of the foot. Improves glide and ski return acceleration.

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