Madshus Eon Wax BC Ski

Madshus Eon Wax BC Ski

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Product Description

The Eon 62 Wax Nordic Ski is the classic bridge between Madshus Nordic heritage and innovative downhill design. The Eon has more camber and a narrower platform than the Epoch or Annum, making it the perfect blend of efficiency and versatility for off-trail travel. 
length: 165-205/10cm
sidecut: 83-62-70mm
weight: 2026g/185cm (pair)

Waxable base.


Multicore is a highly durable Madshus wood core laminated together to enhance the camber lifetime of the ski. Multicore gives extra strength and liveliness to the ski, and it is shaped to fit the ski profile, minimizing the excess use of glue in the ski's production.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Madshus Eon General Sizing Guide

Contact us with any questions about sizing. These are general guidelines:

165 for up to 125 lbs

175 for 125 - 150 lbs

185 for 145 - 175 lbs

195 for 170 - 200 lbs

205 for 190+ lbs