Salomon 3 Pair Race Ski Sleeve

Salomon 3 Pair Race Ski Sleeve

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Product Description


The ski bag which conveniently houses multiple pairs of skis.

Made of water-resistant and robust materials, this ski bag is conveniently designed so you can pack (and carry) multiple pairs of skis at once. The long zipper makes it easy to slide the skis in the different compartments, the sturdy straps make sure they stay in place, while the handles make it easy to transport.



Made of water-resistant polyester and a base layer of tarpaulin, this bag keeps your equipment well-protected from snow and water.


Conveniently designed so you can carry multiple pairs of skis, when not in use this bag can easily be folded away without taking too much space.


The wide-opening zipper gives you plenty of access to your skis, while the handles make it easier to hold the bag and carry multiple pairs of skis.

Size: 220 x 26 x 7 cm. Tarpaulin waterproof fabric.

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