Fischer Traverse 78 No-Wax BC Ski Package

Fischer Traverse 78 No-Wax BC Ski Package

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Product Description

  • True Backcountry Ski for Varied Terrain
  • Can Carve a Turn yet still Fun for Flats and Uphill
  • Crown for Gentle Terrain, Easy Skin Ready for Steeps

#17498 Fischer Traverse 78 Easy Skin No-Wax BC Ski
#43F562 Fischer OTX Adventure NNN-BC Boots
#32NBCA NNN-BC Automatic Binding mounted
#22080 Swix Elite Tour Poles
Fischer Easy Skin The easiest way to attach climbing skis: Combination of adhesion and click-in-place for reliable grip and straightforward attachment and removal. Exclusive climbing system:if Offtrack Crown no longer grips in steep terrain it’s time for Fischer Easy Skins. 650x50 mm.
Skins sold separate.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I wax no-wax skis?

No-wax skis don't need to be waxed for grip, the scales or skins provide grip. But, they do work better and the base will last longer if they are glide waxed.

You may use either an easy to apply paste or liquid wax such as Swix F4 or Maxiglide, this is the easiest method.

Or you can use iron on glide waxes for a higher performance and longer lasting option.

2. Should I choose one of your waxing services?

You are best served by either choosing to have us wax your new skis or doing it yourself. If you choose not to wax them at all the result will be poorer performing skis and, in the long run, faster wearing out of the base.