Madshus Panorama M62 BC Ski Package

Madshus Panorama M62 BC Ski Package

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Product Description


The M62 is the bridge between Nordic and Downhill design. The reknowned Omnitrak No-Wax base and slightly stiffer camber provides a snap to your stride. The Eon turns quickly with its deep sidecut for a relaxed smooth ride.  Width: 83/62/70. 

17M791 Madshus M62 NW BC Ski

43921 Alpina Outlander NNN BC Boots

32NBCA  NNN BC Bindings - Installed

22082  Swix Elite Touring Poles

Ski Sizing - General guidelines, ok to vary for personal preference:

162 for up to 130 lbs

172 for 120 - 150 lbs

182 for 140 - 170 lbs

192 for 160 - 200 lbs

202 for 190+ lbs

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