Madshus Panorama 55 Intelligrip Skin Ski Package

Madshus Panorama 55 Intelligrip Skin Ski Package

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Product Description

PANORAMA M55 is a good option as an all-around backcountry ski. This profile is a good compromise between soft and firm snow and will provide a good option as an all-around backcountry ski. The M55 features a steel edge which runs the entire length of the ski to provide maximum edge control in all conditions. The ski is also IntelliGrip Transition ready, so you can ski easy knowing that no matter the conditions you'll always have the right skis for the job.
Width 68/55/60mm (tip/waist/tail) this ski is the same dimensions as the discontinued Madshus Glittertind.
This ski is a waxable BC ski when used without the Intelligrip skin.

17MP9 Madshus Panorama 55 Intelligrip Transition Ski

Alpina Outlander or Outlander Eve women's NNN BC Boot

32NBCA  NNN BC Auto Binding - Installed

22080 Swix Elite Touring Pole

Intelligrip® Transition Skin INCLUDED with package:

Built for the mountains, Madshus IntelliGrip® Transition skin skis feature a recessed insert which anchors the front of the skin in place and allows for easy swapping or trimming of the skin to suit all skiers, conditions and skill levels.

The use of an insert ensures a smooth transition between gliding surface and skin which is critical for decreasing drag and preventing icing under the ski. IntelliGrip® Transition skin skis maintain all the benefits of traditional skin ski, but with more flexibility. This makes these skis the perfect choice for off-piste adventures!

Madshus Panorama 55 Ski General Sizing

These are general size guidelines only, you may use shorter or longer size as preferred. Contact us with any questions:

180 for up to 125 lbs

190 for 125 - 150 lbs

195 for 145 - 175 lbs

205 for 175+ lbs

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