Fischer BCX Transnordic 75 Waterproof Boot

Fischer BCX Transnordic 75 Waterproof Boot

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Product Description

Waterproof, high top, leather uppers on the BCX 75 boot provide the control and all day comofort you need in the backcountry.
Challenging terrain requires a more powerful boot and the new BCX Transnordic 75 is a perfect match. A Vibram® 75mm sole with increased turning power and ski control, compliments the higher profile leather upper and secure lacing system that provides incredible support and power transfer capabilities. Internally, the addition of a waterproof-breathable liner and Comfort Guard insulation provides all day comfort. Compatible with 3-pin and Telemark cable bindings and our widest S-Bound skis.

Waterproof for dry feet

The waterproof boot design in which the
breathable membrane is connected to
the lining to ensure a long-lasting, perfect
in-boot climate.

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