Swix Cera F Powder 30g

Swix Cera F Powder 30g

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Product Description

Cera F is a pure fluorocarbon racing wax, contains no CFCs and is not harmful to the environment. Exceptional ability to reduce surface tension, extra wide temperature range and superior resistance to dirt and abrasion. The professional final treatment. Cera F Powder now in 4 formulas . FC 7-Cold, FC 8-Universal, FC 10-Warm. NEW FC 10 “Black Snow” wet “dirty” snow. Cera F Turbo Solid (51FCSX) now in 2 formulas-FC Cold, FC White Uni, FC Solid Wet. Use Turbo Combi Brush w/Cork #51T196 51FCX Swix Cera F Powder 30g. $149.95 51FCSX Swix Cera F Turbo Solid 20g. 

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