Swix KX Klister

Swix KX Klister

Code: 51KX

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Product Description

KX20 Green base. Wet and Frozen Corn Snow Binder for abrasive snow

KX30 Ice Klister 32 to 10 F For frozen, icy tracks or as a base for wet snow .

KX35 Coarse Snow Klister Violet Special 32 to 25 F For old granular snow . Use alone or as a midlayer .

KX45 All round Klister Violet 38 to 39 F Wet coarse snow, frozen corn snow.

KX65 Klister Red 41 to 34 F For wet and moist corn snow. freezing.

KX75 Red Extra Wet Klister 52 to 36 F Wet snow. Slush.

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