Madshus Intelligrip "Kicker" Skins

Madshus Intelligrip "Kicker" Skins

Code: 58M210



Product Description

Provide the legendary all-terrain grip of a Mohair skin with the maximum glide performance needed for classic skiing. For tough waxing conditions or when the weather changes in a flash, these skins are built with the highest quality mohair and paired with smooth polyethylene, the same material used in Madshus' top racing bases. IntelliGrip® Skin avoid icing and are quick and easy to apply on the trail. They are removable and packed in the included case.
Tip loop and adhesive keep skins in place. Half length kicker style skins, not full length.
Sizes available: 38mm and 60mm widths in two lengths. 192 for skis up to 192 cm long and 207 for skis up to 207 cm.

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