Ulvang X-Country Lite Technical Merino Blend Sock

Ulvang X-Country Lite Technical Merino Blend Sock

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Product Description


X-Country light

X-Country Light is a thinner, technical Merino Wool sock specifically developed for cross-country skiing. In the foot section, we’ve used Friction Free®, a material designed to prevent blisters. The fibers in this sock and the technical process used to knit it are designed to wick away moisture from your skin. Ideal for both summer and winter use. Size marked on sole. Calf height.

Thin wool sock for cross-country skiing

Color: Black/Charcoal Melange

High-comfort, high-function and lightweight ski socks in merino wool. Keep you warm and prevent blisters.

  • High-tech Merino Wool sock for cross-country skiing and use with ankle-high boots
  • Specifically developed for cross-country skiing
  • For active people
  • OEKO-TEX® and Woolmark Blend certified

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