Complete Skijoring Set

Complete Skijoring Set

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Product Description

Complete Skijoring set includes hip belt, bungee line for one dog and a dog harness.
Hip belt for skijoring, wide and comfortable fits over winter clothing with quick release buckles and leg straps to keep it properly positioned on your hips. One size fits most adults.
Bungee Lines protect you and your dog from jarring starts. Comes with simple to use biner clip.
Dog Harness with fleece padding very durable poly webbing. Designed with the comfort of your dog in mind. Dog Harness (specify size) Dog Harness Sizing:
Measure from the top of breastbone, down chest, between the front legs and up the side to the base of the tail.
Small = 28"
Medium = 29-30"
Large = 31-32"
XL = 33-34"

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