Bliz Vision Nordic Light Glasses

Bliz Vision Nordic Light Glasses

Code: 77B01


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Product Description

Size: M/L
Color: Matt Black
Lens: Nano Optics | Nordic Light Begonia: Violet w blue multi
Filter category: 2

If you are serious about your sport, you are serious about your vision. This is why Bliz has developed Vision with you in mind. A model so customizable that you can make it truly yours. Vision is technically advanced, light weight and highly adaptable because of its Jawbone technology. Nose pad and temples are easily adjusted for unbeatable comfort. The big cylindrical lens has outstanding optical clarity and maximises your field of view. Additionally, it has extraordinarily efficient ventilation.

Vision is equipped with a Nano Optics Nordic Light™ lens, a high-tech lens that significantly enhances the contrast in poor visibility conditions (flat light). The lens also has minimal distortion and integrated anti-fog properties. As a bonus for those of you who wears glasses, there is an optical adapter which can hold your eyeglass prescription (purchased separately). Vision is a perfect choice for cycling, skiing and other demanding sports. A chance to get 100% optimal vision perfectly suited to your personal needs!

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