No Pain, No Gain?- Book

No Pain, No Gain?- Book

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In this book Richard Taylor shares more than four decades of experience as a young skier, college athlete, Olympian and National Team coach to address the principles of exercise science as well as some fundamental and troubling questions about the sport of cross-country skiing. How can Americans be gold medallists in some sports and have so little success in this one?
A philosopher as well as scholar and athlete, Taylor often pauses for a metaphorical walk in the woods to reflect on the nature of the sport, the uses and misuses of competition.

Athletes will find specific information for planning and peaking their training at the right time.

Parents will find supportive and informative guidance on such topics as recognizing good coaching and how to handle a young athlete's responses on race day.

Coaches will garner a wealth of information ranging from psychological- to developmental physiology: what sorts and amount of exercise are optimal for athletes as they grow from youngsters to teenagers and mature competitors.

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