Go! Peet Portable Dryer

Go! Peet Portable Dryer

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Product Description

This product allows you to bring "PEET Dry" comfort with you on the go and includes adapters for both 12-volt car/UV outlets and standard 110-120 volt electrical outlets.

Dry and deodorize

Removes wet, sweat, and odor from your footwear, keeping your feet comfortable, healthy, and dry.

On the go!

Enjoy PEET-Dry footwear everywhere you go. The Go! is extremely portable and even comes with a 12V car adapter and travel carrying pouch.

Subtle yet effective

Silently dries and deodorizes footwear in 3 to 8 hours, all while using less electricity than a standard light bulb.

All footwear, all materials

Safely and effectively dries leather, rubber, vinyl, neoprene, canvas, synthetics, fleece, felt, microfiber, and more.

5-year warranty

Peetr products are designed to last and we're confident that your PEET Dryer will exceed expectations for years to come.

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