Peet Glove Dryports

Peet Glove Dryports

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Patented PEET Glove DryPorts attaches to Original, Propane, Multi, Wader and Advantage Dryers. Removes perspiration, wetness and odor. Ideal for all materials and all adult gloves.

Dry and deodorize

Removes wet, sweat, and cold from your gloves and mittens, keeping your hands comfortable, healthy, and dry.

Save your gear

Eliminates moisture and preserves your gear.

Subtle yet effective

The Glove DryPort Attachment is designed to channel and circulate warm air for thorough drying. Simply attach to PEET Original, Multi, Advantage, or Propane Dryers.

All gloves, all materials

Safely and effectively dries leather, rubber, vinyl, neoprene, canvas, synthetics, fleece, felt, microfiber, and more.

5-year warranty

Our products are designed to last and we're confident that your Peet Dryer will exceed expectations for years to come.

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