V2 XLC98 Composite Roller Ski

V2 XLC98 Composite Roller Ski

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Product Description

The new composite forks with built in fenders are just one of the five vibration-absorbing materials in the new XLK FMC hybrid construction. The three XLK98 models are identical except for wheel speed. The XLQ98M is medium speed, the MS is medium slow and the S is slow. The rolling resistance of the slow wheels is increased using our patented ISR (internal speed reducer) that weighs only 10 grams. The wheel forks, with the built in fenders, use the same strong Du Pont™ composite material that we have employed on the V2-900 and V2-800 series for many years. The wheel and the wheel fork mounting bolts are forged in 7075T6 aluminum, protected with a black anodic coating, and are 3 times lighter than the conventional steel bolts used by most of our competitors.


Weight / pair: 1570 grams. (Almost 100 grams lighter than the previous carbon shaft skis.)
Wheelbase: 601 mm.

Wheel Dimensions: 100mm X 24mm wide.

Wheel Hub: The custom hub is made of aluminum and designed by Jenex.

Rubber composition: Highly abrasion resistant rubber with a durometer of 82 shore A.

Wheel Forks are designed so that tracking can be adjusted.

Bolts: Forged 7075 T6 aluminum and protected with black anodize.

Replacement wheels: W98RM medium speed, W98RS slow speed.

Here are some comments from those who have tried the new XLK98:
“The best way I can describe skiing on the new V2 XLK98 is crisp. They make Marwee’s feel very spongy and dead in comparison and the V2 are much lighter. Vibration dampening is superb even on rough chip sealed roads. I don’t know if I could ever go back to a conventional shaft ski. It feels much easier to ski well on these skis than on any other ski.” Pat O’Brien. Ski Racer and the new Nordic Ski Coach at Stratton Mountain Ski School.
“These skis are so much more efficient at putting energy to the road it’s really astonishing. Training on these skis will produce faster and more efficient skiing.” Zach Caldwell, ski tuning guru and Nordic Coach.
“The XLK98 are the best skate skis I have ever used.” Kris Freeman, four time Olympian and 17 times US National Champion.

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