Professional Waxing Services

Professional Waxing Services

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Product Description

We now offer waxing services including hot box options.

Choose our Hot Box Race Wax Hardened service $49.95

for wax saturation of your new skis. Long slow 3-4 hours with a soft wax in the hot box followed by scrape, brush and hardened off with a hard colder wax and another 2 hours in the hot box. Shipped unscraped for protection while shipping. You scrape and apply wax of the day.

The Deluxe Prep and Race Wax service $69.95

upgrades and adds to the service with a final treatment with LF race wax and scrape and brush. Ready to ski.

Basic Hot Box service $25.00

this is our most basic and least expensive Hot Box treatment. We apply soft base prep glide wax and hot box for 3-4 hours. You scrape and harden off before race waxing, or on touring skis just scrape and ski.

Basic PLUS Hot Box service $35.00

Same as Basic above plus we scrape and brush before shipping.

F4 Paste Wax Job $7.50

Swix F4 Paste Wax is applied, allowed to dry and then buffed and brushed.

Note: On Skate skis we prep the entire ski. On Classic or waxless skis we just prep the tip and tail glide zones.
Please allow 3-4 extra days for delivery while we prep your skis. Thanks.

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